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Old Cobra Kai Under Construction

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising



As part of the levels that compose “Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising”, the sequel game inspired by the television series “Cobra Kai”, “Old Cobra-Kai dojo under construction” was inspired by the old Cobra-Kai dojo that appeared mainly in the films of the saga and returns in the series being reformed, scene of a quick fight between Johnny and Terry Silver.

In this level, I have contributed mostly with the creation of the blueprint and the blockout of the level. Unlike most other levels of Dojo Rising, “Cobra-Kai under Construction” is formed by a single environment, used as a combat arena where the player is attacked by enemies in waves until the entrance of the mini boss and stage boss.

In addition, in the future this level would be used as a scenario for the survival game mode, in which the player must survive as long as possible facing consecutive waves of enemies and different layouts of the same room with limited resources. So I was in charge of building some of the layouts for these rooms. But soon I had to move away from this level and the game mode, leaving them in the care of other Level Designers (Gabriel Viana for the story mode and Gabriel Laurindo for the survival mode), so in the implementation of the combat systems and balancing I have only contributed to direction and orientation of them.

Key Responsibilities:

    Level’s blueprint;
    Level’s blockout;
    Creation of the level’s layouts/variations.


Art Direction:

Stiven Valerio.

Main Level Designer:

Raphael Souza.

Level Design team:

Carlos Escaleira, Gabriel Laurindo e Gabriel Viana.

Concept and 2D art:

Leonardo Amaral and Roberto Fernandes.

Environment and Lighting:

Arthur Lorando, Breno Alves and Pedro Sarraf.

3D Environment:

Juan Patrick, Gabriel Cavalcante and Beatriz Lordello.

Visual effects:

Pablo Farias and Diego Crispim.

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