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Juvenile Detention

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising



As part of the levels that make up “Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising”, the sequel game inspired by the television series “Cobra Kai”, Juvenile Detention level was inspired by the juvenile reformatory where the character “Robby” was imprisoned during a period of the series.

From the moment of conception of this level, we had as objective to create an environment that offers the player to face a rebellion in the reformatory. The level was set up in a spiral shape and with a lot of windows, so that in each room the player was able to visualize what was happening in other areas of the level, be it enemies that he will face soon, or areas that he will not have access, but show chaos taking over the reformatory. Corridors and rooms were made tighter than usual to give the player a sense of entrapment. And mainly to create the feeling of a real rebellion. At this level we removed the ally system from most enemies, so that enemies engaged in battle with both the player and other enemies.

This level would also host a minigame, to recruit the character "Robby", the player would have to rescue the disoriented security guards inside the saddles of the detainees before time runs out. I was responsible for implementing it within the level, building the rooms, their obstacles and positioning the enemies that run over the player and the security guards that must be rescued.

In this level I had the opportunity to be in charge of building it in several stages, from the blueprint, blockout of the level and even the prop placement of the scenario. In all these steps, I focused on making the environment convey a lot of disorder and chaos, positioning objects in a messy and asymmetrical way and getting closer to the final fight even more devastated. I also did the implementation and positioning of several enemies and resources that are present in the level (Coins, Collectibles, weapons among others).

In addition to enemies and resources, I was also responsible for implementing other level flow systems, goals, dialogues and special camera triggers in the environment.

Key Responsibilities:

    Level blueprint;
    Level blockout;
    Minigame Level Design;
    Implementation of level flow systems;
    Distribution/positioning of the level’s resources;
    Balancing of progression and level’s difficulty.


Art Direction:

Stiven Valerio.

Main Level Designer:

Raphael Souza.

Level Design team:

Carlos Escaleira, Gabriel Laurindo e Gabriel Viana.

Concept and 2D art:

Leonardo Amaral and Roberto Fernandes.

Environment and Lighting:

Arthur Lorando, Breno Alves and Pedro Sarraf.

3D Environment:

Juan Patrick, Gabriel Cavalcante and Beatriz Lordello.

Visual effects:

Pablo Farias and Diego Crispim.

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