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Coyote Creek

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising



As part of the levels that compose "Cobra kai 2: Dojos Rising", a sequel game inspired by the television series "Cobra Kai", Coyote Creek was inspired by the series scenes with Cobra Kai students training in the woods near Coyote Creek, a river that runs through Santa Clara Valley in Northern California.

During the campaign mode, the player has the flexibility of choosing which dojo he wants to play in (Cobra Kai, Miyagi-Do or Eagle-Fang). He can also choose the order in which he faces the levels as he recruits new fighters and releases new level options, however each dojo has a mandatory starting level. Coyote Creek became the starting level of the Cobra Kai dojo.

In this level, i have contributed mostly to the direction and guidance while being developed by another level designer (Carlos Escaleira). However, in addition to directing, I have also helped with the balancing of combat areas and the positioning and distribution of resources present in the level (Coins, Collectibles, weapons, among others).

In Coyote Creek level there would also be a minigame. At that moment, after much experimentation, the Bowling minigame was developed, a challenge for the player to hit enemies from a distance by throwing other enemies. After having its operation well established, I was responsible for implementing it within the level and putting together the composition that the enemies and obstacles would present to the player at that moment.

As an initial level for Cobra-Kai, it needed special handling, so when the player plays this level as the first level and with the Cobra-Kai, he is presented with some different experiences that I was in charge of, namely, the implementation of tutorials specific mechanics that are present in the level, and a balance of new enemy progression so that this level is easier when faced in these circumstances.

Key Responsibilities:

    Level Design Direction;
    Level design of the minigame;
    Tutorial implementation;
    Distribution/positioning of level resource;
    Balancing of progression and difficulty of levels.


Art Direction:

Stiven Valerio

Main Level Designer:

Carlos Escaleira.

Level Design team:

Raphael Souza, Gabriel Laurindo and Gabriel Viana.

Concept and 2D art:

Leonardo Amaral.

Environment and Lighting:

Arthur Lorando, Breno Alves and Pedro Sarraf.

3D Environment:

Juan Patrick, Gabriel Cavalcante, Israel Terenzi, Beatriz Lordello and Marcio Florindo.

Visual effects:

Pablo Farias And Diego Crispim.

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