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Chop Shop

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising



As part of the levels that compose “Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising”, the sequel game inspired by the “Cobra Kai” television series, Chop Shop level was inspired by scenes from the series of Eagle Fang students training in the junkyard and also at the cut in wich Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larusso went looking for Robby. Based on these scenes, we created a merged level.

During the campaign mode, the player has the freedom to choose which dojo he wants to play with (Cobra Kai, Miyagi-Do or Eagle-Fang), and the order in which he faces the levels as he recruits new fighters and releases new level options. However, each dojo has a mandatory starting level. Chop Shop became the starting level of the Eagle Fang dojo.

On this level, I mostly contributed direction and guidance while being developed by another level designer (Gabriel Viana). However, in addition to directing, I also helped with the balancing of combat areas and the positioning and distribution of resources present in the level (Coins, Collectibles, weapons, among others).

Chop Shop would also host a minigame, challenging the player to destroy an old car completely before time runs out in order to recruit "Hawk".

As an initial level for Eagle-Fang, it required special handling, so when the player plays this level as the first level and using Eagle-Fang, he is presented with some different experiences I was in charge of implementing, among them, the implementation of specific mechanics tutorials that are present in the level.

Chop Shop was also a setting used in the “Cobra Classics” game mode, where the player relives key moments from the series. For this episode of Classics mode I was responsible for repositioning resources and balancing the new combat zones.

Key Responsibilities:

    Level Design Direction;
    Tutorials implementation;
    Episode’s level design in Cobra Classics mode;
    Distribution/positioning of the level’s resources;


Art Direction:

Stiven Valerio

Main Level Designer:

Gabriel Viana

Level Design team:

Raphael Souza, Gabriel Laurindo and Carlos Escaleira.

Concept and 2D art:

Leonardo Amaral and Roberto Fernandes.

Environment and Lighting:

Arthur Lorando, Breno Alves and Pedro Sarraf.

3D Environment:

Juan Patrick, Gabriel Cavalcante, Beatriz Lordello and Marcio Florindo.

Visual effects:

Pablo Farias and Diego Crispim.

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