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Arcade & MiniGolf

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising



As part of the levels that compose “Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising”, the sequel game inspired by the television series “Cobra Kai”, the Arcade & MiniGolf level was inspired by the fight scenes and encounters of the main characters in the series.

In this level, I have contributed mostly to direction and guidance while being developed by another level designer (Carlos Escaleira). However, in addition to directing, I also aided with the balancing of combat areas.

The Arcade level would also host a minigame, the player can recruit the character "Bert" if he is able to destroy completely a giant stuffed hamster within the time limit.

At this level I also had the pleasure of participating in a visual polishing team that aimed to make visual improvements to the scenario some time after its completion. Then I was able to do more refined prop placement work in the laser tag area, the prize shop, and the last arcade game aisles.

Key Responsibilities:

    Level Design direction;
    Prop placement;
    Balancing of progression and level’s difficulty.


Art Direction:

Stiven Valerio

Main Level Designer:

Carlos Escaleira.

Level Design team:

Raphael Souza, Gabriel Laurindo and Gabriel Viana.

Concept and 2D art:

Leonardo Amaral and Roberto Fernandes.

Environment and Lighting:

Arthur Lorando, Breno Alves and Pedro Sarraf.

3D Environment:

Juan Patrick, Gabriel Cavalcante, Beatriz Lordello and Marcio Florindo.

Visual effects:

Pablo Farias and Diego Crispim.

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