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The BooksTales: A Hop Adventure

A little indie game, developed before winning the “Ctrl Alt Jam”. “The Books Tale” is a puzzle adventure game about a magical universe where Verbun, the librarian of the LiberArca, needs to defend his 5th dimension library from the attack of the Molds. Verbun travels inside the magic book and cleans them. The demo game is available on Steam.

6 de mai. de 2023

"The Books Tale: A Hop Adventure" is a project that originated from the "Ctrl Alta Jam", a successful game jam that yielded fruits for its developers. After winning the competition and securing sponsorship to launch the game on Steam, the development team needed a game and level designer to enhance the original idea and turn it into a final quality product. That's where I came into the project.

My role was to take on the demands of game and level design, recreating the game's narrative, devising and structuring new systems and mechanics. All of this was done using the original prototype, called "Pathfinder," as a basis. With about six months of work, the team developed a new game proposal that would become "The Books Tale: A Hop Adventure."

The new version of the game tells the story of a charismatic fifth-dimensional librarian who is responsible for a magical library that allows people to travel inside books, the famous LiberArk. However, the books are being attacked by Molds that are devouring the stories inside them. To combat this problem, the main character, Verbun, must enter the chapters of each book and clean them, living adventures and solving puzzles.

With the game more structured, an early access demo was made available on Steam. Now, "The Books Tale: A Hop Adventure" is a fun and challenging game that represents all the work and dedication of the development team that turned an initial idea into reality. As a game and level designer, I am proud to have been a part of this incredible project and hope that all players can enjoy the unique experience that "The Books Tale: A Hop Adventure" offers.

Key contributions:

  • Game and Level Design Direction.

  • Construction of Level blueprints.

  • Blockout of levels

  • Level design of levels

  • Positioning and implementation of enemies in levels.

  • Balancing level progression and difficulty.

  • Distribution/positioning of resources in the level.

  • Game system design.

  • Development tool design.

  • Participation in creative decision making and problem-solving.

  • Creation of game and level design development processes.

  • Creation of diagrams and quantitative and qualitative analysis of the game.

Access the game:
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